Interactive cancer data toolkit

The data in the toolkit is drawn from the Institute for Health Economics Comparator Report on Patients Access to Cancer Medicines Revisited - a UK Perspective.

In addition to this toolkit, the ABPI has held roundtables and spoken with representatives from charities, patients, NHS England, NICE, oncologists and the pharmaceutical industry. From these discussions, three recommendations to improve the future of cancer care in the UK are proposed:

1. Investment in cancer care in the NHS should be increased to at least match the European average.

More money should be allocated to speed up the implementation of the Cancer Strategy, funding must increase and keep pace with the increases in the number of cancer patients. Reinvestment of savings made in changing cancer care and service delivery settings must continue at pace

2. NHS patient access to new cost effective cancer treatments must be speeded up and improved

NICE, NHS England and industry should work together to agree further improvements in key parts of the access pathway for cancer medicines, including: horizon scanning, technology appraisal, commercial access agreements and flexible pricing, pathways of care, commissioning and funding and the reporting of uptake of medicines for eligible patients

3. More must be done to collect real world data on cancer outcomes

NICE, NHS England, Public Health England and industry should work together to advance progress on collecting, making available and using the data in SACT and other cancer databases in order to report on patient and health system outcomes, including data being collected for cancer drugs fund medicines