Why work in the industry

The UK pharmaceutical industry has a dynamic working environment with the challenges, opportunities and incentives that you'd expect from one of the UK's biggest industries.

The pharmaceutical industry is a major recruiter in the UK directly employing around 73,000 people. As there are still thousands of diseases for which we have no cure, the work of the pharmaceutical industry will continue to be essential for the foreseeable future. This gives great potential for long-term employment and career progression both within the UK and globally, with global health and life science markets predicted to grow up to 10% per year in the next decade.

Job satisfaction

If you ask anyone who works in the pharmaceutical industry what their main motivation is, it's more than likely you'll hear the same answer: improving people's lives. As the benefits of new medicines are felt by people all over the world, not many jobs offer you more of a chance to do this. Such an environment brings great job satisfaction, whether you’re working on a cost-saving device, marketing tool, or discovering a new chemical compound that has the potential to save someone's life. After all, it's all part of the same process.


Jobs in the pharmaceutical industry are typically well paid and often come with other benefits such as bonuses, medical insurance, pension plans and transport loans.

Modified from: Pharmaceutical Salary Survey, Clinical Professionals, 2014
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Within the industry holiday allowance and parental leave are normally good, and there is often the option of flexible working hours. Many companies promote sports and social activities and charity events. This makes for a sociable environment with a healthy balance between life inside and outside work resulting in lively and enthusiastic employees.

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